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My University Projects

Final Major Project - 3rd year

  •  A children's baking book for 6-8 year olds

  • The book is to run alongside The Great British Bake Off and Junior Bake Off.

  • The book teaches what each utensil is for, different mixing methods, a few simple recipes and cake decorating tips.

  • There is a design your showstopper section at the end too.

Major Negotiated Project - 3rd year

As you all know... I love animals, so for this project I wanted to focus on endangered animals. I started by illustrating different kinds of wildlife and ended up creating a campaign run by Costa Coffee for the charity 'Save The Elephants'. Costa Coffee is the UKs most sustainable coffee chain and it really cares about the planet and environment so both organisations worked quite well together. 

I created a poster, a social media ad, a photo stand-in for the street, a coffee mug and badges - all to promote and raise money for the cause. 

For the past 4 years I have been at University, working on many different projects - Here's an example of what I've been up to in my final year!

Next Home - Christmas brief competition

Winning Response!!

The prize was meant to be a placement at Next Home offices in Enderby - unfortunately it could not go ahead because of Covid.

The brief was to create a range of Christmas stationary for Next home. We also had to think about sustainability - how could we minimise the amount of waste used at Christmas? 

My idea:

  • A Christmas letterbox/post-box

  • Comes with a letter to Father Christmas kit - writing pad and paper, envelopes, stamps, stickers, re-usable gift boxes and an include cube (telling the children what to write in their letters). 

  • Children would write their letters to Father Christmas and post them into the post box. 

  • The post box becomes a family heirloom that can be passed down the generations and all the letters from all the children stay in the box.

  • The post box essentially becomes a time capsule, filled with letters from all the previous children in the family…. Meaning one day your children and grandchildren could read your own letters to father Christmas!

Ladybird novelty baby book competition 

  • The brief was to design baby book with a novelty element (flap/slide/etc...) on each page and make it part of a series.

  • I created a series called LET's HELP! including books - let's help! Laundry, Let's Help! Kitchen, Let's Help! Gardening, Let's help! Fixing, Let's Help! cleaning and Let's help! cooking.

Runner up!